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Enterprise Architect 7.1 (kompilacja 828)

Od kilkunastu dni dostępna jest nowa kompilacja 828 wersji 7.1 Enterprise Architecta. Zmiany polegają na usprawnieniu działania notatek, zmianach w dokumentacji i generalnych ulepszeniach programu. Lista wybranych zmian:

  • Rich Notes support
    • Added handling of broken numeric lists to notes. (Shift+Enter to insert newline without creating new item.)
    • Modified linked notes to show formatting after edit in notes window.
    • Improved generation (to code and ddl) of notes saved using formatted text editor to code.
  • Documentation
    • Increased maximum length of file path for rtf report generation.
  • General Changes
    • Improved keyboard usability for various dialogs.
    • Improved undo of moving messages on timing diagrams.
    • Improved compatibility with Perforce version control by submitting changes following package file addition.
    • Added „Add to version control” option to the New View Dialog, displayed if the parent Root Node is version controlled.
    • Added support for Subversion under Linux/WINE.
    • Added import of diagram notes from an EMX file.
    • Export association-classes created using Aggregation/Composition connectors correctly to XMI 2.1.
    • Export the GUIDs of the lifelines covered by an Interaction-Use to XMI 2.1.

Dla zarejestrowanych użytkowników EA:
Enterprise Architect 7.0 build 828

Dla zainteresowanych Enterprise Architect:
Wersja testowa | Zrzuty ekranowe