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Enterprise Architect 7.1 (kompilacja 831)

Enterprise Architect

Nowa kompilacja Enterprise Architect przynosi kilka nowych funkcjonalności i wiele poprawek. Między innymi:

  • User Interface and Diagramming Changes
    • Added informative tooltips to most main menu and context menus within EA.
    • Added option to save bitmap images in higher resolution format (2x and 4x) for high quality presentations. (See Tools/Options/Diagram)
    • Added ability to undo supressing or showing a connector segment.
    • Added quicklinks for embedded state exit points.
  • Relationship Matrix
    • Added support for profiled element and connector types.
    • Added ability to select an element in the matrix and get information about it from the docked windows.
  • Version Control
    • Added support for switching version control configuration from TFS SCC connection to a direct TFS connection.
    • Added support for version control commands Get Latest and Get All Latest in Shared Models.
  • General Changes
    • Added support for enumerations containing both Enumeration Literals and Attributes.
    • Modified creation of state machines to automatically create composite diagram.
  • Database Engineering
    • Added support for Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY datatype during ODBC import.
    • Prevented duplication of Views, Stored Procedures and Functions on reverse synchronization.
  • RTF
    • Added support for Audit section to Attributes and Operations.
  • HTML
    • Added support for navigation to diagram of compound elements in generated HTML.
  • XMI Changes
    • Added support for round-tripping „Enumeration Literals” using XMI 2.1.
    • Minor updates and improvements to the model compare and merge capability
    • Minor updates and improvements to the XMI 2.1 import/export process to ensure full round trip support
  • Code Engineering
    • Added code generation support for C++ bitfields and static const attribute values.
    • Added import of visibility for properties and events from .Net reflection importer.
    • Added support for parsing legacy C type definitions „int long”/”long int”.
    • Added support for parsing C++ identifiers containing $.
    • Added handling of non-navigable connectors to code generation.

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