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Wywiad z Giną Trapani z Lifehacker na HBSP.com

Wczoraj na stronach Harvard Business pojawił się wywiad z Giną Trapani przeprowadzony przez Scotta Berkuna. Dla przypomnienia, Gina Trapani jest założycielką i redaktorem serwisu LifeHacker.com. A Scott Berkun pracował jako project manager w Microsofcie i jest autorem książki “Sztuka zarządzania projektami”.

Gina Trapani: Technology’s never going to replace or improve the experience of sitting down in front of another human being, making eye contact, focusing fully on that person, and having an authentic conversation.

That said, my frustration right now with consumer tech is the focus on more features and more connectivity, versus simplifying and protecting users from unnecessary distractions. Power users on the front lines are dealing with all kinds of overload, but mainstream users are still having the „Oh look! I can get email in my pocket even on the weekends!” revelation. I can’t wait for those folks to catch up, and things to balance out more.


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