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Enterprise Architect 7 build 815

Enterprise ArchitectNowa kompilacja programu Enterprise Architect jest dostępna do pobrania i instalacji. Została oznaczona numerem 7.0 build 815 i zawiera nowe funkcje oraz poprawki błędów.

Lista zmian (w jęz. angielskim):
=== Zmiany/Rozszerzenia ===
* Added support for round-tripping alternate-images using XMI 1.1 and XMI 2.1 during XMI Export/Import and Batch XMI Export/Import
* Added support for importing the attribute „mixed” on complexTypes and multiplicity on associations to modelGroups from XML Schema
* Added capability to save a project reference that defines what to open in the model.
* Added Model Patterns Task Page to provide support for using UML Patterns defined in MDG Technologies.
* Added capability of showing searches run from a hyperlink to the output window.
* Added support for batch export of 'Rational Rose/Unisys UML 1.3′.

=== Poprawki ===
* Sequence message validation to allow messages within scope after delete messages.
* Usability of self messages just loaded or created on a sequence diagram.
* XMI 2.1 export of operation pre/post-conditions.
* XMI 1.2 generation of stereotypes
* XMI import of very large files.
* XMI round trip of tagged values start and ending with pair of chevrons.
* Rendering of thick collaboration borders to metafiles.
* Result of canceling a diagram save.
* Selection of text in internal source editor.
* Undo behavior for new and removed connectors.
* Result of not saving a diagram after objects are added.
* Sizing of objects with an alternate image.
* Import of XSD and WSDL containing comments.
* Sort order of diagrams generated under elements in rtf generation.
* Behavior of file types when saving a diagram as an image.
* Drawing of names for composite elements with an alternate image.
* Loading of multiple sets of templates from a file based MDG technology.
* Profiles extending Forks and Joins.
* Handling of code and transform templates containing unicode characters.
* Saving of diagram at very low zoom level.
* Adjusting of tree sorting.
* DDL generation for SQL Server 2005.
* Propagation of column datatypes changes to indexes.
* Merge of tagged values when applying a UML Pattern.

=== Inne zmiany ===
* Changed behavior to allow double click on non-selectable elements.
* Corrected diagram attribute/operation visibility on Oracle repositories with German and Spanish regional settings.
* Corrected missing security permissions on Oracle repositories with German and Spanish regional settings.
* Resolved issue where tablespace not displayed on table properties dialog.
* Corrected behavior with calls to deprecated methods in the Automation Interface to prevent issues with loading MDG Technologies via Addin.
* Changed behavior with applying stereotypes to prevent redundant error messages being displayed.
* Fixed drawing issue when the Toolbox and Taskpanes are docked together in a floating window.

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