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Enterprise Architect 7 build 816

Enterprise ArchitectDostępna jest kolejna kompilacja programu Enterprise Architect 7 oznaczona liczbą 816. Bezpłatna dla wszystkich użytkowników w ciągu roku od daty zakupu.

Zmian w programie jest dużo, najczęściej poprawiających funkcjonalność i wydajność. Oto skrócona lista zmian (w jęz. angielskim):

  • Added undo for Insert Related Elements command.
  • Added support for association-end tagged values and stereotypes in UML section of XMI 2.1.
  • Added DBMS dropdown to database view and stored procedure dialog.
  • Added support for border styles other than solid for ellipse and rounded rectangle boundaries.
  • Updated font scaling algorithm to: improve diagram appearance at all zoom levels and prevent inadvertent label wrapping at extreme zoom levels.

Podstawowe ulepszenia

  • Removed namespace path in naming of reference classes in generated sequence diagrams.
  • Initial positioning of self message labels.
  • Importing documentation from an xml schema header and elements having inline complexType definitions.
  • Generation of multiplicity to xml schema elements.
  • Merge of tagged values when applying a UML Pattern.
  • Import of large notes and tagged values from XMI 1.1.
  • XMI 2.1 export of operation behavior.
  • XMI 1.0 export of package tagged-values.
  • Handling of decimal symbol across all regional settings.
  • Importing and synchronizing table constraint columns.
  • Importing unique indexes and foreign keys from Sybase ASE.
  • Preventing creation of users with duplicate UserLogins or user groups with duplicate Group Names.
  • Generation of multi-line notes to RTF documentation.
  • Inclusion of sequence numbers into RTF documentation.
  • Rendering of objects from diagrams showing diagram details to images.
  • Prevent users from deleting last model base root node in a model.
  • Importing Informix database objects.
  • Corrected reverse engineering of synonyms for Oracle tables.
  • Corrected reverse engineering of primary and foreign keys from PostgreSQL.
  • Generation of connector constraints to RTF documentation.
  • Generation of RTF documentation under Crossover Office.
  • Improved XMI 2.1 export of packages containing various behavior diagrams.
  • Pasting of Unicode characters into RTF editor.

Inne zmiany

  • Allow merge of typed elements during pattern export.
  • Warn users that Auditing will lock out Professional and Desktop editions
  • Removing Field Protection from generated RTF documentation to allow later editing.
  • Corrected auditing of security group locks.
  • Allow automatic layout of Use Case diagrams.
  • Improved usability of editing search filters.

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