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PL/SQL Developer 7.1.3 (nowa wersja)

PL/SQL DeveloperNajnowsza wersja PL/SQL Developer przynosi przede wszystkim zmiany w zakresie kompatybilności z Windows Vista, ale również poprawki zgłoszonych błędów.

Aktualizacja oznaczona numerem 7.1.3 jest bezpłatna dla wszystkich użytkowników, których wersja bazowa ma numer 7.1 lub którzy mają wykupiony Annual Service Contract.

Poprawione błędy programu (skrócona lista w jęz. ang.):

  • Windows Vista compatibility improvements: Setup is now fully Vista compatible, Registering application and file types is now Vista compatible
  • Improved indexing method for HTML Help
  • Reloading changed files did not work correctly for SQL Window
  • Copy (without header) added an empty first line
  • Replaced sys.all_synonyms & sys.dba_synonyms by all_synonyms and dba_synonyms to allow for private or public synonym replacement for these views
  • Table partitions for index organized tables on Oracle9i and earlier did not show
  • Source files in Unix format (LF instead of CR/LF) would not always be parsed correctly
  • Large Data Editor, text editor did not wrap text correctly
  • Explain Plan Window could not handle XMLQuery with RETURNING CONTENT clause
  • SQL Window could not edit data from a table across a database link
  • FLOAT columns would not include precision
  • Copy/Paste in result grid improved to handle quotes better
  • Projects could not handle files with comma in path
  • ODBC Importer could use invalid variable names (based on ODBC field names
  • Command line parameters viewobject and editobject did not work correctly

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